The word “tutoring” often has a universally negative connotation.

If I need a tutor, there must be something wrong with me, right? You might remember high school days with large, red lettering emblazoned at the top of an essay that said you need after school tutoringEmbarrassed and ashamed, you either went (begrudgingly) or ignored the suggestion, hiding away your concerns about writing because you were afraid of the judgment associated with needing additional help.

Most people I come across say “I’m just not good at writing” or “I’ve always hated English classes,” but can usually never follow up with a reason other than I don’t like writing – which to me translates to: I don’t know how to write.

After years of formalized English instruction at the elementary and high school levels, many people come to college unprepared to take on the challenges and expectations writing professors have for them. Students spill through the doors not knowing what a thesis statement is, not knowing how to craft an argumentative essay or a research paper, and not understanding what citing sources mean and how to avoid the ills of plagiarism. Many have never written a formalized essay in their academic lives other than a personal narrative or something opinion-based (in first-person, no less).

My goal is to change the perception that writing excellence is out of reach for the average person. As a lifelong writer, editor, former professor, and someone with a penchant for writing, I strive to make the writing process simplified – yet not simple, enjoyable – yet not frivolous, and challenging – yet not difficult.

If you’ve been stuck in an ongoing battle with yourself about whether you should seek writing assistance from someone rather than struggling alone, stop fighting and look no further.

With offerings for all writing types, skill levels, academic and professional backgrounds, fields of study, and beyond – I’m ready to help you achieve goals you once thought unreachable.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward excellence?