I’m Rebecca, an editor, content marketer, program manager, and former English professor.

Online portfolios come a dime a dozen. But you’re here for a reason. Whether it’s to inquire about services, get inspiration for your own website, or scope out the competition, you’re here – and I thank you.

Content marketing is still a relatively new field, and fortunately it’s a booming one as well. As companies explore how to scale their blogging platforms and grow site traffic, someone like me becomes a commodity rather than a “nice-to-have”.

If you need editing or writing services for your website or manuscripts, guidance on how to achieve expert-levels of content creation, a speaker for your next event, or to improve your writing skills, I’m here to help you achieve excellence.

I work as the Managing Editor, MuleSoft blog at Salesforce. I formerly worked for G2 as Sr. Content Editor and Guest Post Program Manager.

I hold two degrees in English, a BA from the University of Illinois-Chicago and an MA from DePaul University. Prior to working in tech, I taught English composition at a community college and university in Chicago. I also freelance edit and write tech content.

I have been editing professionally since 2013 and am a member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES).

Editing and proofreading

Your readers deserve flawless, error-free content. If your content is littered with mistakes, it looks like you don’t care about the quality of work you’re putting out. You want something visually appealing and easy to read.

Give me your content, no matter how rocky, and I’ll transform it into error-free writing sure to rank.

Digital content writing

People say anyone who wants to become a writer can – just by writing. In theory, this may be true, but in practice? Not so much. Good, high-quality writing (professional or academic) takes years of skilled practice.

The good news? I’m adept in both. Any topic, any niche, I’m able to write SEO-backed content on for your needs.

Content career planning

Are you wondering how to take the skills you’ve learned from your current career and transfer them to a content marketing setting? You’ve been in academia or another field and are ready to spread your wings. I’ve been there, too.

We’ll discuss career pathing, including courses and resources to help you begin a career in content marketing.