G2’s Guest Post Program + Guidelines

In early 2019, I began editing guest blogs for By the end of that same year, I had created full editorial guidelines for contributors, found here:

I worked as the editor for the guest post program from March 2019 until November 2021.

In July of 2020, I took over full ownership of the guest post program as program manager and editor until November 2021, when I left G2.

G2’s Thought Leadership Guest Post Program + Guidelines (Internal)

In spring of 2021, I developed Thought Leadership Guest Post guidelines, which were based on the standard guest post program (seen left).

The TLGP guidelines are a customer and prospect-only initiative meant to serve as a way to highlight exciting initiatives from G2’s customer base by a means of creative storytelling with actionable outcomes rather than producing SEO-driven content like regular guest posting allows.

These guidelines are internal only as of November 2021.

G2’s Content Marketing Style Guide (Internal)