G2’s Guest Post Program + Guidelines (External)

In early 2019, I began editing guest blogs for By the end of that same year, I had created full editorial guidelines for contributors, found here:

I worked as the editor for the guest post program from March 2019 until November 2021.

In July of 2020, I took over full ownership of the guest post program as program manager and editor until November 2021, when I left G2.

G2’s Thought Leadership Guest Post Program + Guidelines (Internal)

In spring of 2021, I developed Thought Leadership Guest Post guidelines, which were based on the standard guest post program (seen left).

The TLGP guidelines are a customer and prospect-only initiative meant to serve as a way to highlight exciting initiatives from G2’s customer base by a means of creative storytelling with actionable outcomes rather than producing SEO-driven content like regular guest posting allows.

G2’s Content Marketing Style Guide (Internal)

Throughout 2020 and 2021, I developed G2’s internal-facing content marketing style guide.

Along with input from our peer review process to identify common issues in writing from our global team, I used AP Style as a base guide to adapt G2’s internal style, which included preferences for voice, tone, audience, spelling and grammar mechanics, and more.

MuleSoft Blog Guidelines and Contributor Training (Internal)

In spring of 2022, I developed comprehensive blog guidelines and contributor training for internal stakeholders.

The guidelines contain coaching on tone, voice, audience, accepted content types, writing requirements, and a mandatory myTrailhead module to earn approval to write for the MuleSoft Blog.