The following services are offered to all ages and experience levels, from corporate professionals in any industry to college/graduate/PhD students and even elementary and high school (K-12) students.

To inquire about any service offered below, please fill out this contact form.

  • Face-to-face tutoring: in-person, 1:1 tutoring sessions at a local, public location (e.g. a coffee shop)
    • Academic or professional writing
    • Practicing public speaking or mock interviews
  • Online (remote) tutoring: remote, 1:1 online tutoring sessions
    • Communicate on a shared document via Google Docs
    • Video chat via Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype
  •  English language tutoring1:1 tutoring either in-person or online
    • Academic or professional writing (resumes, cover letters, applications)
    • Interview practice, public speaking, learning to speak informal English
    • Practicing reading, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills
    • Comprehending or completing homework assignments
  • Editing: email submission editing; three types offered
    • Comments and suggestions: providing comments, examples, and suggestions for improving writing without directly editing written content
    • Proofreading: fixing grammar and punctuation issues only
    • Copy editing: improving style, flow, formatting, and accuracy, including (but not limited to): rewriting parts of the text, adding missing information, and/or deleting text that sounds out of place or informal depending on audience