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“Rebecca is a wonderful editor to work with. She’s organized, knows the exact level at which to apply insight, and has a broad and expanding scope of knowledge. Most importantly, she sees not just the document, but the flaws in the writing technique. Every editing session by Rebecca became an opportunity for me, as a writer, to become smarter and better, not just in the next draft, but in every subsequent piece of writing. She’s fluent with ideas, adept with various formats, knows all the rules of language, and preserves the author’s voice. She brings out the best in a writer.”

Ashmita Roy, Senior Content Specialist at Interview Kickstart

“To anyone reading this, that’s considering working with Rebecca: I’ve been B2B writing full-time since the beginning of this year and have published over 160 articles across different websites. Safe to say, I’ve worked with a ton of editors, and Rebecca is by far one of the best I’ve worked with. She’s got grammar hawk eyes and flawless writing skills. You’ll be a credit to anyone, Rebecca! Keep crushing it.”

Ray Slater Berry, B2B Writer, Content + Social Media

“Rebecca is one of the best editors that I have worked with for the last three years. As a non-English native speaker, I had Rebecca proofread my assignments when I was studying English writing programs and refined the research that I did in my Master’s degree in Art. She has also helped me develop my professional personal statement for my Master’s and PhD program applications. I always feel satisfied with the results of Rebecca’s editing, [and I receive] them in a very short time.” 

Khawlah Alkhdar, Lecturer at Qassim University

“Rebecca was instrumental in helping revise my papers for graduate school at DePaul. Thanks to her help, I was able to get constructive feedback and receive better grades on my papers.”

Andrew Yim, Instructor at Huaqiao University

“Rebecca has been a great help ever since I was in undergrad. I met her at the tutoring center at UIC, and thank God I did! I can honestly say I really enjoyed the editing process with her. I loved how she would explain why we changed something and what’s the [reasoning behind it]. I loved the smooth step-by-step process to [complete] a fully finished draft; she is so patient! Rebecca, YOU’RE AMAZING!”

Nariman Abunijmeh, Graduate Student at Case Western Reserve

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“It is not an exaggeration to say that I graduated because of Rebecca. I’ve learned so much during the time we spent together. She’s very patient, kind, and efficient. The things she taught me were very helpful to complete my coursework because she made sure I knew how to apply fundamental material to carry on in my career and life. Thank you, Rebecca.”

Diondra Bridges-Wilcher, HR & Talent Specialist

“Rebecca is an amazing tutor. Before I [was] tutored by her, I [sought] help with other UIC tutors. However, no other tutor was able to understand what I was trying to convey. She was extremely supportive and clear with her explanations. Her feedback was valuable because it showed me [what] I needed to improve.

The first day Rebecca tutored me, I was comfortable. She made me feel great about my work even though it needed fixing. She guided me through my paper and helped me visualize my [work]. She made it easier for me to follow the edits being made by color coding, and she knew Spanish words. Ever since that day, I kept choosing her to be my tutor. She helped me grow as a writer.”

Joanna Torres, Nursing student

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