Real Marketers Podcast

BIG DAY: My first-ever podcast recording is LIVE. 🎉

real marketers podcast
Real Marketers Podcast promo image

I spoke with Stephanie Cox for the Real Marketers Podcast back in January.

We covered:

• How G2’s guest post program came to fruition, and all of the forms it took on to get where it is today
• What publishing 90+ monthly guest posts was *really* like and how we learned from the mistake of quantity > quality
• Why consistency with planning an editorial calendar and publishing regular is important
• How having extremely high standards will leave you with high quality
• And more!

I’m SO excited for this to be live, and it’s so funny hearing my voice spoken back to me when being on the listener end.

Short, sweet, 25 minutes of info about guest blogging that you CANNOT afford to miss!

Let me know if you listen, and if you have any questions, shoot me an email!

Want to book me for YOUR podcast, virtual event, or for an interview? Contact me.

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